EnergySmart has repaired many kinds of geothermal systems. We have completed the following geothermal system repairs:

  • Repaired to leaking geothermal ground loops
  • Identified geothermal ground loops and wells that are too short
  • Corrected geothermal transfer fluid antifreeze concentrations
  • Identified pump issues with open loop geothermal wells
  • Flushed geothermal loops that contained air and other debris
  • Corrected refrigerant line charge amount
  • Replaced and flushed geothermal water lines fouled with iron
  • Repaired leaking refrigerant lines or other refrigeration components
  • Geothermal system component troubleshooting: compressor, refrigerant, blower motor, valves, pumps, control boards, sensors
  • Simplified overly complicated or incorrect control wiring for geothermal systems
  • Reprogrammed thermostats, zoning boards, and other controls for geothermal systems
  • Re-sized and replaced improperly sized hydronic pumps for geothermal water-to-water systems
  • Diagnosed nuisance lock-outs on geothermal systems

We are experienced in the repair of the following brands of geothermal heat pumps:

Bosch GeoMax
Bryant GeoSmart Energy
Cantherm Heat Controller
Carrier Hydron Module
Climate Master Hydro Royal
Econar Tetco
Florida Heat Pump (FHP) Water Furnace

FullSizeRenderIf repairs are substantial, you may be eligible for a rebate from the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center for up to $6,250. Please call us or visit the Mass CEC website for additional information.

Please call us at 617-955-0063 or email us at if you need assistance.