Rich and Alisa moved into their new home in Winchester, MA with the understanding that the existing heating and cooling system needed to be replaced. With no gas service on the street, they decided that neither oil nor propane were great choices.  Alisa contacted EnergySmart early in February. Within 10 days we visited the home and prepared a proposal for the installation.

We found their home to be an ideal candidate for geothermal because:

  • The house had pre-existing ductwork, some of which could be re-used;
  • The existing heating and cooling system was at the end of its life expectancy;
  • The existing heating and cooling system operating costs were very high for a house of this size;
  • The front yard had plenty of space for drilling;
  • The walk-out basement made equipment delivery very convenient; and
  • In addition to the 30% Federal Tax Credit for geothermal installations, the homeowners were eligible for a 0% interest loan through the Mass Save Heat Loan program

Drilling consisted of two 6-inch diameter borings that were 15 feet apart.  Pipes were installed into each of the borings and sealed in place with geothermal grout. The pipes were brought into the house through four 2.5-inch cores through the concrete foundation approximately 4 feet below grade. Two lines were connected to each geothermal heat pump. One heat pump would condition the basement and the main floor while the other would condition the second floor.

New programmable EnergyStar heat pump thermostats with LED display replaced their old thermostats.  The existing air handlers, air source heat pumps, and select ductwork were removed to make space for the new geothermal equipment.

Benefits of converting to geothermal:

  • Same piece of equipment provides heating and cooling;
  • Drastic reduction in electricity bills expected due to highly efficient heating and cooling;
  • Adjustable fan speed allows for superior dehumidification in the summer;
  • Fossil fuels are avoided completely for heating;
  • New ductwork allows for more even heating and cooling; and
  • Noisy outdoor condensers are eliminated


←Air handler for old air source heat pump

New geothermal heat pump→







Client Testimonial:

The heating system itself has been fantastic… It provides comfortable and quiet heat to the whole house. We are very happy with all the decisions made along the way with where to run new ductwork and how to fix the existing issues. They provided regular and detailed updates every step of the way and everyone was very respectful of our home and our time.

If you would like to see more photos of this installation, please visit our YouTube Channel or visit our online photo album!