The owner of this 2,900 square foot home in Holliston, MA suffered a fire during a renovation. As a result, the whole house had to be gutted. Removing the old oil heating system was part of the project. Geothermal was chosen as the new heating and cooling system.

This home we well-suited to geothermal because:

  • The house needed a new heating and cooling system anyway;
  • The yard had plenty of space for drilling; and
  • The walk-out basement made equipment delivery very convenient
  • A large open attic made the ductwork installation relatively easy

We chose a closed loop vertical boring geothermal configuration for this home. Drilling consisted of two 6-inch diameter boreholes with a depth of  315 feet each.  Pipes were installed into each of the borings and sealed in place with geothermal grout. The pipes were brought into the house through 2.5 cores through the concrete block foundation and were connected to the geothermal heat pump. The pipes were filled with antifreeze to provide freeze protection to 15F.

The geothermal heat pump was placed in the crawl space in the basement with a majority of ductwork being located in the attic. A new programmable EnergyStar heat pump thermostat with LED display was installed at a central location.  A desuperheater was included with the geothermal unit should they decide to activate the hot-water assist feature in the future.


Some benefits of converting to geothermal:

  • The same piece of equipment provides heating and cooling;
  • The hot water-assist feature can be activated at any time in the future;
  • There is no combustion for heating thus eliminating carbon monoxide risk and improving indoor air quality
  • Highly efficient heating and cooling;
  • Adjustable fan speed allows for superior dehumidification in the summer and even delivery of heat in the winter.

Client Testimonial:

In the winter we received this feedback:
“So far we have had 2 electric bills (December and January), one was $278, the other $302.”

And in the summer:
“This is our lowest bill as of yet… at $87.18. Wow, that’s much less then any of the other bills.  We have the AC on usually at 77 or 76 degrees continuously for at least a month. Thanks so much!”

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