Our Experience on This Old House:

this old houseIn October 2015, we were honored to have our geothermal installation filmed by This Old House. We designed, managed, and installed the system. Drilling, sheet metal, piping and the equipment were covered by the show. It was a lot of fun to be a spokesperson for geothermal on an internationally syndicated television show!





Geothermal Energy Solution:

This home has two geothermal systems: one for heating and cooling the main floor and basement and one for heating and cooling the second floor. The home has wifi enabled thermostats that can control the heat and air conditioning from a smart phone. We equipped the geothermal system with a monitoring device that tracks electrical usage and other geothermal operating parameters in real-time. This 4,000 sq. ft. home has used less than $1,200 for heating and cooling for a whole year.