The Rodgers Residence in Medfield, MA.

Recently, one of our installations was showcased by the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center as a geothermal success story.

Before Geothermal Installation:

The 3700 square foot home had an oil boiler, two hydro-air units, and two air conditioning condensers. Despite having the air conditioning evaluated by several HVAC companies, it never worked properly. Between 1997 and 2016, the average oil usage at the home was 1,500 gallons per year for heating and hot water.

Geothermal System Installation Details:

Geothermal systems in basement.

In October 2016, we hired Geothermal Drilling of New England to drill two closed loop geothermal boreholes in the backyard. We installed two Water Furnace 7 Series geothermal heat pumps in the basement. This equipment has variable speed compressor and variable speed fan technology. Heating efficiencies range from 360% to 510%.

The new geothermal systems are equipped with Symphony real-time monitoring to track electricity use and other operating parameters. Room temperature can be controlled from anywhere by a smartphone. High grade pleated air filters were installed for improved air quality.

After Geothermal Installation:

Between November 2016 and October 2017, the total operating cost for heating and cooling has been $790. Annual savings have been over 70%. The oil usage has been eliminated completely with the addition of a heat pump water heater coupled with the geothermal system.  Ongoing issues with inadequate air conditioning in the summer were addressed by correcting ductwork sizing.

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