Learn More About Geothermal

We handle your entire Geothermal Project from Start to Finish

To start the process, please complete our on-line questionnaire. If you qualify, we will reach out to you to discuss further. EnergySmart will review the project in detail with you via telephone or email to see if geothermal will be a good fit. If pre-qualified, we will then schedule a site evaluation where we will assess your property to prepare a detailed quote. If you choose to proceed, we will complete the design and permitting of your geothermal system in-house. We will install the system and complete the incentives paperwork for you.

How to Make Hot Water With a Geothermal System

Geothermal heating and cooling takes advantage of the constant temperature of the earth. In the summer, heat is extracted from the building and is discharged into the ground. In the winter, heat is extracted from the ground and discharged into the building. The heat is concentrated through the use of a heat pump. Unlike air source heat pumps that work against highly variable air temperatures, geothermal heat pumps both heat and cool using a constant earth temperature. In New England, the ground temperature is approximately 55F year-round at depths greater than 10 feet below the surface.

Geothermal systems are good for the environment

  • No more burning of fossil fuels for heating.
  • Reduce your home’s carbon footprint by 30% to 50%.
  • Eliminate the risk of an oil spill on your property or a gas leak.
  • Minimize your contribution to the urban heat island effect by dissipating heat deep below the ground surface in the summer.
  • Reduce vehicular traffic as a result of fewer oil deliveries to your neighborhood.
  • Maximize the benefits of other renewable technologies like solar PV panels or solar hot water collectors.

Geothermal systems have beneficial financial implications

  • When financed through Mass Save, operating costs plus the loan payments can be less than what you were paying for oil or propane.
  • No more oil, gas, or propane bills for heating. Heating is now on your electricity bill.
  • The price of electricity is more stable and predictable than the price of fossil fuel.
  • Choose your electricity source for additional savings.
  • In areas without natural gas service, installing a geothermal system can be cheaper than bringing gas service to the house or installing an underground propane tank. Service and maintain only one piece of equipment. One unit does both heating and cooling.

Geothermal systems improve indoor air quality and comfort

  • No carbon monoxide risk because there is no combustion.
  • Fossil fuels are eliminated for heating. Gas and oil vapors are gone.
  • Superior dehumidification during air conditioning season.
  • Winter indoor air is not as dry because combustion is eliminated.
  • High-grade filtration systems or air cleaners can be added.
  • Energy recovery ventilators can be integrated to conserve energy while providing fresh air.
  • Be more comfortable more often by maintaining a constant temperature in your home year-round. Goodbye 10-degree setbacks!

And best of all

  • Brag to your friends about how low your heating and air conditioning bill is with your new state-of-the-art geothermal system.