If you are involved in the building trades and are looking to add geothermal to your repertoire, we would be happy to discuss it with you. When a homeowner or business is ready to integrate green energy solutions and you don’t know where to start, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We have installed over 250 geothermal systems throughout Massachusetts – we can help.

To learn more about how the logistics of geothermal installations vary in retrofits or new construction scenarios, please watch this video.

Geothermal Support for Contractors

EnergySmart has provided geothermal design and support services for the following in Massachusetts:

Architects Excavators
Builders HVACR Technicians
Carpenters Pipe Fitters
General Contactors Plumbers
Duct Work Installers Roofers
Electricians Well Drillers
Engineers And Others

Hear What Contractors Are Saying About Our Support

“I have worked with Melanie Head of EnergySmart as a subcontractor for equipment and ductwork installation. I work closely with the homeowners and contractors that have hired EnergySmart. Melanie has a unique ability to clearly communicate her customer’s needs and desires. The clear communication of information to me and my workers makes the installation process go smoothly and efficiently yielding a high customer satisfaction. Every customer I have dealt with and worked for through EnergySmart has expressed their happiness with hiring them.  I have enjoyed working with Melanie and look forward to continue working with her.”

-James M., HVAC Contractor on the North Shore