Most geothermal installations in Massachusetts are vertical closed loop systems that involve drilling. We only work with drilling companies who have experience in geothermal installations in Massachusetts. In fact, our drillers have installed literally thousands of geothermal, drinking water, and irrigation wells throughout the state.

An experienced driller will have knowledge of the bedrock and groundwater conditions in your area. This is important for controlling water and drill cuttings during the geothermal drilling process.

Geothermal Drilling Versus Excavation in Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, where bedrock is very dense and close to the ground surface, geothermal drilling is less expensive than in many other parts of the country. Its density imparts superior heat transfer properties that are ideal for geothermal systems.

Geothermal drillers can advance 200 to 300 vertical feet or more in one day through solid bedrock. Drilling costs are highly predictable when compared to the excavation that is required for horizontal geothermal systems. In some areas of Massachusetts where digging is difficult due to ledge or large rocks, geothermal drilling is cheaper and less destructive to the property than excavation. Geothermal drillers charge by the foot, excavators charge by the day.

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