solarSolar panels are a great way to offset the electricity use of your geothermal heating and cooling system. We also recognize that geothermal heating and cooling systems aren’t for everyone. That is why we have partnered with Massachusetts local residential solar installers.

We have assessed literally hundreds of homes in Massachusetts for geothermal installations. In some cases, geothermal is not a feasible technology for a variety of reasons. The main obstacles we have seen include:

  • Undesirable return on investment;
  • Inability to run ductwork to certain areas;
  • Unacceptable levels of site disturbance;
  • Limited space or limited access to the property;
  • Environmental contamination; and/or
  • Conservation Commission restrictions

We are always on the lookout for properties that have attributes that are well suited to other renewable or alternative energy options. If full southern exposure is available, solar photovoltaics could be a good alternative to offset your annual electricity bill.

EnergySmart Offers Solar/Geothermal Installation Integration

While geothermal heat pumps do not consume fossil fuels, they do require electricity to operate. EnergySmart can provide electrical consumption data from geothermal systems for sizing solar installations.

The energy of the sun can be harnessed to produce electricity through the use of photovoltaic (PV) panels. These panels capture solar radiation and convert it to electricity that can be used to provide power directly to a home or device, or it can be fed back into the electric grid to run your power meter backwards.

To connect with a Massachusetts local solar installer for your residential or commercial property, call us today at 617-955-0063.